Album: Mermaid Music

Oceans debut CD, Mermaid Music, is a diverse, well-constructed, and beautifully performed collection of mesmerizing and eclectic pop songs, ranging from hot funk to cool raps with melodic dance and hypnotic rock numbers in between. Oceans voice is an amazing instrument of substantial range and texture, tone and mood. In some of the songs, her voice rises to the heights of a chanteuse and in others her street-wise punkish voice is pure pop. Other songs showcase her grungy metal fare, like the spell-binding Cool Way to Do, a metal durge. Siren Song, an enchanting number story-telling tune, Oceans voice is rather like Sarah MacLaghlin on downs, and Love-Junkie is a great rock funk song with raps like a female 50Cent.Upset has Ocean writing and singing like an RandB-savvy songstress, and Sting and Sade would feel at home on Hot Nights. Evanescence is comparable on Pegasus, and recalling early sixties jazz scatters like Peggy Lee, Nothing Special is actually exactly that. My favorite, I Want, the first track on the CD is a masterful study in hypnotic groove trance, and the sizzling exotic rocker, Snake Hips takes you on a ride back to the pure states of rock found only in Hendrix or Ten Years After of even The Mothers of Invention. Ocean has created a CD running the range of pop genres and of influences, and her vocals are great enough for this journey, as the promo states, through the seven seas. We feel the touches of exotic lands in these songs and also of cross-rhythms, and the entirety of Mermaid Music, lands Ocean in an arena where few can tread - among those few vocalists who can carry tunes from one genre to another and never skip a beat. Oceans new CD is eagerly awaited, and Ill be back to review it as soon as its available. I know Ocean will amaze audiences and fans with her vocal brilliance and songwriting genius once again. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.